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Rob Nogash

Rob Nogash has been “tossing lumber” for blues bands in the central New York area since ~1987. “I was originally trained in saxophone at early age 4th grade I believe. I switched to drums after my brother abandoned his set of 60’s Gretch in my parents basement. I still love those Gretch, they have a great audio “patina”. I get to play them at every practice session. One of these days I have to get that set back on the live stage!”

Percussion is a tradition for the family, Rob’s grandfather was a traveling percussionist in 20’s & 30’s, and played in drum & bugle bands in the 20’s, when company sponsored bands were popular form of company pride.

Rob  started forming his love for the blues after seeing the James Cotton Blues band perform at a college concert  while he was still in high school. Starting in garage bands as part time hobby, and with training in funk/fusion jazz.

Playing with notable players from the central New York area Rob has enjoyed some great experiences. As a founding member of  Reckless Abandon  whom backed Ned Lucas during his years in the Syracuse New York area, Rob played and helped arrange many of the songs  that Ned performed live.

One thing about performing live music is the ability to participate in arranging or composing original works. Playing with Ned, we always did a mix of his originals and other peoples compositions. It's good to pay homage to other peoples compositions either through your own ability to perform the original or have an arrangement that captures the audiences satisfaction from your performance. But more importantly Ned's originals really became more relevant to the audience when compared to the cover works. Ned's original compositions definitely stand on a high level. His works deserve much more national coverage.”

One of Rob’s lyrical works ended up forming the basis for  the song “You Know I Love Your Big….Butt” on Ned’s first CD “A Little Shot Of Blue”, which made the national airwaves on numerous radio programs. ( http://www.nlucas.com/ )

Continuing to play out of the Syracuse area, Rob has enjoyed playing with “Jersey Slim”, in the Hurricane Blues Band. From the New York City area, Jersey is more noted from his gig’s at “Nanny’s Car Wash” and a recording on Epic records.

The “Shakedown Blues Band” was formed by Rob, and Dave Lambrych (Guitar & Vocals) in 1998, adding Mike DeGaramo (bass)  & “Dan Bone Kenny” (Lead Vocals & Harp). In 2001 “Shakedown” released a CD “Live & Kickin” which Rob Co-produced.

Production of the CD was a great joy, I had the ability to use some of my engineering training and experiences. Check out some cuts of the CD on the “Shakedown” web page “Music”.

I like the experiences of performing with other musicians. It's a great time mixing and matching abilities. Then there is the sudden death approach! Performing on 'cold' basis, like at an open mic or jam session, it puts you on your toes. In the Syracuse area there are usually some great session to found; like at “Shifty’s Bar” Wednesday open mike night, where the variety is diverse, or the “Rooter’s Tavern” Sunday night blues jam where many area blues talents hang-out, or the occasional jam at the “Dinosaur BBQ” where the new, up & coming talent mingle with the veterans for some great improvisational sessions.