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Dan "Bone" Kenny
Dan-Bone Kenny

   Powerhouse vocals and Chicago drenched harp find passionate release in the blues soaked pipes of Syracuse bred crooner Dan-Bone Kenny.

   “When I was 16, and rockin’ out to Led Zeppelin, The Who, and Deep Purple,  my younger brother was into Muddy Waters and Howling Wolf”, Dan-Bone recalls.  “He converted me to Blues then, and now I couldn’t imagine a life without them.”

   Dan-Bone Kenny has been  chief barker on the SHAKEDOWN midway since the band’s inception in 1998.  (Younger brother Tom has become the sought after voice talent behind the absorbent visage of Nickelodeon’s cash cow Spongebob Squarepants!!!)

   “When I’m belting out my blues and blowing on that harmonica, it still excites me as much as ever” Dan-Bone enthuses.  Whenever Tommy is back in town, the excitement doubles.  “We sing well together,  but Tommy jumps way higher than me!” Dan laughs.

   Dan-Bone’s harmonica influences seem to be the usual suspects.  “I love Little Walter for his inventiveness and fluidity, Walter Horton for tone, and Rice Miller for expressiveness.  My favorite modern day practitioners are probably Gary Primich and Jerry Portnoy. Then there’s the world class talents right in our own backyard, Pete McMahon and Tom Townsley!”

   When it comes to equipment, Dan-Bone admits,  “For many happy years I only owned 2 harp amps, a Bassman for bigger rooms and a Princeton for smaller rooms. Then my kids turned me on to E-Bay, and now my credit cards are all maxed–out.  That’s OK…better to be equipment rich than tone poor!!!”

   Dan-Bone Kenny currently resides in North Syracuse with his wife Lee Ann, and their three sons.  “One sings, one plays guitar, and one plays bass. My wife plays accordian.  I’ve offered them all harp lessons, but I haven’t had any takers yet.” he chuckles.

   Contact Dan Kenny at dkenny@twcny.rr.com

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